Lise LaTorre

Presentation Layer Architect

Clean, efficient, responsive,
implementation of visual design
that scales effectively as the
application and the team grow.

About Lise


Presentation layer architect, with a focus on establishing modular, componentized, clean, efficient, browser-friendly, device-friendly, presentation layer code (LESS/SASS and HTML) that scales elegantly as the product and company grows. Ability to recognize where process goes awry in the visual design -> code development process and to establish new routines to ensure a code base that is cross-browser, reusable, extensible and suitable for rapid expansion in a complex environment.

My primary focus is on hand-coded SCSS/LESS/CSS in complex applications. Supplementary skills include JS, angularJS, Angular, jQuery, RoR, JSP and PHP.

Great organizational skills, with attention to minute detail, meeting deadlines and accurately estimating project size and effort.

Completion of Scrum Master training and application of agile principles to UI development.

Specialties: SCSS/LESS, CSS/HTML architecture, accessibility, SEO, establishing best practices for design implementation, design patterns, page performance, mentoring/overseeing full-stack developers as they work in presentation layer code Agile methodologies for UI projects

Advanced Technical Skills

  • SCSS/LESS mixins and functions
  • BEM naming conventions and component architecture
  • SVG icon systems and animations
  • Accessibility standards and best practices
  • SEO
  • Comfort in a wide range of environments including Angular, RoR, JSP, PHP
  • GIT
  • HTML Newsletters

Contact Lise

Lise L LaTorre

El Cerrito, CA
(510) 652-6959


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