Lise LaTorre

Web Developer

Clean, efficient, cross-browser,
hand-coded CSS and JavaScript
in static sites, customized blogs and
complex applications in PHP, RoR,
angularJS, or JSP-based environments

About Lise


With nearly two decades experience in web development, Lise knows how to strategize the success and use of a range of website styles, and has the technological expertise to implement that plan. As a team player with strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and a focus on meeting the deadline, she delivers work in an efficient manner while creating products of the highest quality.

Advanced Technical Skills

  • Hand-coded HTML, CSS, JS
  • jQuery implementation and widget creation/integration
  • Extensive experience with a range of site structures from simple static/blog templates to complex Java-based applications that require running a local instance and managing version control
  • HTML Newsletters
  • PHP, JSP
  • Experience with XML/XSLT, ASP, ColdFusion and RoR
  • Section 508c Accessibility Compliance
  • Integration and customization of third-party software, including blogs (WordPress. MoveableType), shopping carts (MIVA) and forums
  • Fireworks and Photoshop, Textmate, IntelliJ and Eclipse, BBEdit, CVS, SVN, git

Advanced Strategic and Organizational Skills

  • Comfort filling a range of roles in a website development project, from running the show to subcontracting as an HTML/CSS coder, information architect or back end programmer.
  • Extensive experience in managing simultaneous projects from beginning to end.
  • A work ethic that stresses honesty and exceptional performance, based on teamwork and independent motivation, organization of time and materials, attention to detail, clear communication and an insistence on delivering quality work on time.
  • Experience working with staff members with limited technological experience, explaining technology with clarity, patience and fun metaphors.
  • Understanding of the differences among commerce, brochure, community and informational websites, and how to organize and implement an individual site to accomplish the goals inherent in each type.
  • Knowledge of the technology available and the degree to which it is applicable to the target population. This includes the latest technology as well as the tried and true.
  • Familiarity with the current approaches to achieving higher search engine rankings and extensive experience achieving accessibility for a wide range of users, including seniors, visually impaired users, and those on library computers or other older machines.

Contact Lise

Lise L LaTorre

Oakland, CA
(510) 652-6959

At this time, I am primarily interested in coding-related projects that involve a maximum of three days a week on-site. Thank you!